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Steel Balconies

A balcony can change how a building is used and is a great feature to add. At Balustrade South West Ltd, we design and manufacture stainless steel balconies in Exeter for both domestic and commercial properties. Stainless steel is the best choice for outdoor systems like balconies, balustrades and staircases because of its strength, durability, and other physical properties. However, steel is also chosen because of how it looks as there are many different finishes available, and it can be powder coated with a colour. We can design a balcony system that suits all your needs and requirements, including how much space you need as well as your budget.

For more information on our services in Exeter and across the South West, give us a call today for a free quote.

Why Choose a
Steel Balcony?

A steel balcony is a practical yet stylish choice that will suit many different properties. We use steel due to its number of advantages, including:

  • Easy to fabricate and weld.
  • Both high and low temperature resistance.
  • Good corrosion resistance.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Long life cycle.
  • Fully recyclable.

Whether your building is in a built-up area or by the coast, stainless steel will not corrode and will look like new for years! No matter if you choose a steel balcony or want to add a glass balustrade, we craft everything bespoke to your preferences. We can discuss what style of balcony would work best, whether it is a full design or Juliet, so call us today to talk about your project.

glass balcony overlooking a large garden
balcony overlooking a driveway
glass balcony overlooking a wood

Quality Balcony Systems

We are dedicated to crafting quality balcony systems for homes, flats, hotels, and a range of commercial buildings. A balcony brings an outdoor space to upper floors, therefore making rooms feel brighter and more spacious. So, if you think you would benefit from this feature, get in touch with us today.

Contact Balustrade South West Ltd

For stainless steel balconies in Exeter and throughout the South West, make Balustrade South West Ltd your first call. We have many years of experience constructing these systems from quality materials, so for our services, get in touch.

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