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4 Tips To Transform Your Staircase

You can seriously enhance the appearance of your home or business by updating the staircase. Although they are often overlooked, the stairs significantly impact the aesthetic of a property. In this blog, we share 4 ways you can transform your staircase. Keep reading to find out our tips.

1. Update Your Bannister

It may sound dramatic, but your bannister has the ability to make or break an entire space. If it’s chipped or in poor condition, it can affect the appeal of the whole room. So, if you’re hoping to transform your staircase, don’t forget the bannister. Whilst a lick of paint or varnish can work wonders for timeless wooden structures, there are several alternative options you can consider. For instance, installing glass balustrades can work wonders to open up your staircase, making it look wider and giving the impression of a bigger room. You could also swap out your spindles for intricate steel posts.

2. Call In The Professionals

If your stairs are in need of a serious transformation, it’s time to get in touch with the professionals. The team at Balustrade SW can design a new, bespoke staircase from scratch, or make a few changes to give your current structure a new lease on life. No matter the size of the space, we can design a stunning staircase that will transform your property.

3. Add Staircase Lighting 

A cost-effective way to breathe some life back into your staircase is by adding lighting. Simply adhere some LED lights under the lip of each stair to bring a dynamic, modern aesthetic to your space. You can opt for warm golden tones, bright white lights or even multi-coloured mood lighting! Alternatively, place LEDs along the wall of the staircase to illuminate each individual step from the side. Depending on the style of your bannister, try wrapping delicate LEDs around each spindle for a firefly effect.

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4. Install A Runner

Another great tip to add some glamour to your staircase is by adding a runner. Simply choose a fabric which matches the aesthetic of your room and drape! For a whole new look, why not rip up the carpet and let the natural wood poke out from either side of the runner? You could even paint the stairs in a contrasting colour – the possibilities are endless!

Contact Us For Staircase Design & Installation

At Balustrade SW, we manufacture and install bespoke staircases for a range of domestic and commercial properties. To find out more, or to obtain a quote, please get in touch with our expert team.

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